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Even if you’re happy with your current performance, it’s important to keep looking for business development opportunities. If you don’t, you risk allowing your competitors to expand and run the market, which could seriously weaken your position.

If your business has been based in a single location or region, now may be the time to expand to a second (or third) location with an executive office rental in Fort Myers. This will making your services available to a broader geographic audience and/or enable you to acquire a new clientele base increasing sales and brand recognition. Creating a second location is much less expensive than starting a business from the beginning, yet it exposes you to many new customers. It can be a way to transform existing operations into a much more profitable business. Expansion often enables you to benefit from additional opportunities and partnerships that could change the future of your business.

One of the toughest tests in the life of a service business is that first leap into another city. Suddenly, everything is on the line. Will Fort Myers embrace a product that sells itself in New York? Will I need to hire new staff? Can management based in Houston really oversee a startup in Fort Myers? Strengthen and reassess your core business objectives and quality standards or unique brand identity. These quality standards are the identifiers that set your business apart from the competition. You should set up minimum acceptable quality in all your locations. It’s these unique quality benchmarks that will determine your activities in your new locations. Although parts of your process may be tweaked to fit local realities, the quality and brand should never be compromised.

Companies expanding to new locations need to consider the different characteristics of each market. Some industries predicted to expand in the next 10 years in Fort Myers according to the Lee County Economic Development Office include advanced manufacturing, financial and professional services and information technology. Strengthening relationships with key customers and enhancing the value of your business’s products or services is imperative if you want to grow. Choosing to expand into the Fort Myers market is a promising one. At Premier Executive Center, we are experts at supporting a growing business. Your office rental will be ready for use with all of our office rental amenities at your fingertips.

June 21st, 2017

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