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Technically, your office is wherever you choose to be. With currently available technology, you can conduct business from almostVirtual Office in Florida anywhere in the world.

But what about your business address and the impression that you want to convey? Premier Executive Centers is the answer. 
We deliver the professional image you require.

Virtual Office Services

The easiest way to rent an office, in a prestigious building without the high cost is a virtual office. For new start ups and home business owners, the thought of having a traditional office in Naples and Fort Myers, Florida was a dream that may never have been realized, until the virtual office concept came along. Modern technology makes it possible to set up your office anywhere you wish, regardless of your location, even if you are constantly travelling.

Who Needs A Virtual Office?

 Virtually any business owner can benefit from using a virtual office including:

  • Home based businesses that require a professional identity, somewhere to conduct meetings and other support services such as receptionists, assistants and phone answering services.
  • New business start-ups that are not sure of the market and so wish to test the waters before investing in a traditional office.
  • Mobile professionals who need a permanent address for their clients
  • New branches for companies that wish to expand their horizons immediately

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