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First you (and your team) need to attend a networking event in Fort Myers. Take it one step further and join a a networking meetup group. Attending one event can be beneficial, but if you join a group with professionals in your industry and attend regular meetups, your business will flourish and find support for the long run. No matter what your business industry is, For Myers has a meetup for you! Including the SW Florida Business Startup and Networking Group, Master Networks Florida South Region, Sophisticated Sistas: African-American Professional Women, Wine Women and Wealth Fort Myers and the list goes on! After you join a networking group or at the very least attend a networking event, take the next step for your business with the follow up!


Follow their social media accounts. Google search the person’s name who you want to connect with. Do your research and see who else they are connected with, what their interests are and business is all about. If your social media profiles are active and you feel comfortable with your online presence, then follow your new networking friends and influencers on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Connect with a LinkedIn invitation. This is the most appropriate way to ensure your new contact will remember who you are. Plus you get to review their LinkedIn profile and see all the work and connections they have already. Include a personalized message referencing where and when you met and how much you enjoyed your conversation.

How can you be of assistance to them? Networking has become so synonymous with helping oneself to the career goodies that it’s been forgotten that the best networking relationships are characterized by mutual benefit. Everybody enjoys a good ego stroke. If you simply want to learn some tricks of the trade from this individual, ask them to be a mentor. Let them know you admire their work and are inspired to move forward with your business because of the work they do. Propose a day and time for coffee, or a quick meeting and let your new connection do most of the talking. You want to learn from them remember? Show interest in what they do and who they are. Your new relationship and expanding network will lead you to many exciting opportunities.

Eventually your new business friends and partners will want to meet up with you outside of the networking group. Remember to use all the amenities available to you with your Premier executive office suite. Read our blog on how to use your executive office suite to build your network.

Business Networking in Fort Myers


November 8th, 2017

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