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Internet Access, Network and Cable TV

business_office_technologyEach office is provided with multiple locations at which to connect computers allowing for various furniture configurations. Not a “dial-up” service, we provide a dedicated connection that is always ready to send or receive e-mail or to perform that quick search of a web site, all at Internet speeds up to those provided by T-1 lines.

The building’s LAN, Local Area Network, is the backbone of our service structure. It enables the sharing of files between the client and our staff, and it is connected directly to the building’s black and white and color digital copiers. This enables the printing of jobs requiring high quality, high volumes, specialty paper sizes, labels and envelopes directly from the clients’ desktop. Sophisticated design and equipment secure the building’s network. Unlike many less expensive installations, each client is isolated from other clients, providing high data security. Each client, whether he has one computer or a small network installed in his office or suite, is essentially a VPN. (Virtual Private Network) This design assures privacy. Additionally, sophisticated fire-walls and virus protection is installed to help protect our client’s data.

Each of the building’s offices is wired for cable television reception. In this day of immediate coverage of world events and volatile financial markets, the availability, in each office, of news and financial data is a real plus.

Presentation Facilities and Video Conferencing

Our highly professional primary conference room features a table seating twelve and room for an additional twelve conference participants. State of the art technology creates a high impact environment for the client’s marketing efforts or for training or other purposes. The conference table, itself, is wired, providing connections to the Internet, and to our in-ceiling-mounted, high-intensity, video projector. Power Point and other presentations are easily accomplished and highly effective in this setting.

Full video conferencing is available featuring high speed, exceptional sound quality, a voice-tracking camera, and a web-based integrated presentation system making it easy to share graphics and slides as part of the video conference. Catering services make luncheon, dinner or other food and beverage services available.

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