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Virtual office – the future workplace for home business owners, new business start-ups, new branches for established businesses andVirtual Office in Florida mobile professionals.

As a new business starting out, it is only logical to have a professional office presence. But where do you find good office space at a reasonable price? Finding an office space in a prime location is very hard in itself – without considering the price tag. The solution is to get a virtual office.

The easiest, most convenient and affordable way of establishing a professional presence anywhere in the world.

How Does A Virtual Office Work?

Suppose you want to have a presence at a Prestigious Address in Naples or Fort Myers without actually having to live there or frequent the location. A virtual office provides you with an address in a prestigious building, options for a fax line and a local phone number. When a client calls the number, it gets redirected to wherever you are. Your mail will also be re-delivered to you. So if you are a home business owner, no need to worry about your professional image anymore. You can now impress potential clients with your address in the prestigious location you have always wanted. A virtual office is also a good option if you are always on the move. Or do not require a full time office. 

Benefits Of A Virtual Office

Cost Savings

You can have an address in one of the most prestigious buildings in Naples or Fort Myers at a fraction of the cost of traditional office space.

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Meeting Facilities

Conference and board rooms are readily available for you to conduct meetings, seminars, workshops and interviews.


As a home business owner, you advertise your address everywhere for clients to find you. But this poses a security threat to you and your family members. With a virtual office in either Premier location, Naples or Fort Myers, any such possibilities are eliminated.

Administrative Support Staff

Well trained administrative support staff are available to relieve you of day to day administrative duties.
With technology you have an opportunity to expand and grow your business beyond all borders. Embrace it today and make it work for you. To find a solution to everything your business needs virtually, visit us at Premier Executive Suites. We are a one stop resource for virtual offices in Naples and Fort Myers Florida addresses.

June 25th, 2013

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