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In a recent survey, nearly 91 percent of remote workers polled claimed they got more done working from home than they ever did in an actual office.office workspace

Companies all over the world are starting to embrace the power of virtual offices due to the convenience and cost savings they provide. While allowing employees to work from home is beneficial, there are a number of things you need to do to ensure productivity levels stay high.

If you are trying to find ways to keep your remote workforce productive, consider the helpful tips below.

Selecting the Right Team is Vital

The main component to running a successful business from a virtual office is choosing the best employees. Ideally, you will want to hire employees who consider themselves to be highly-motivated and self-starters.

Rushing through the hiring process will only lead to big mistakes being made. Checking an applicant’s work history and the references they provide is a great way to ensure they have the right mindset needed to work for your company.

Utilize the Power of Technology to Stay in Touch

Staying in constant contact with the employees working in your virtual office is also important. Using things like instant messenger apps, video chats and virtual meetings can be very helpful.

By staying in constant contact with your workforce, you can make sure they know what needs to be done and what your expectations are. Taking the hands-off approach to running your business will generally lead to lots of mistakes being made.

Address Problems Immediately

If you start to notice a problem with an employee’s productivity, address it immediately rather than procrastinating. Allowing these issues to persist will only hurt your company in the long run. While it might be a bit challenging to let an employee who has performance issues go, it is essential to the long-term success of your business.

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June 20th, 2018

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