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video conference room

Hiring a meeting or conference room on a temporary basis can be quite a challenge. But if you know what to look for, you can be better prepared to ask the right questions, and ultimately hone in on what you need for your exact requirement.

video conference room

Assess the Infrastructure

 In this first step, you will need to identify your bandwidth, software and other needs against what is being offered. Does the conference room support the video conferencing software that my client wants to use? What internet speed do I need as a minimum in order to conduct a successful multi-location video conference? What access restrictions does my package include but I wasn’t told about? These questions must be the first point of focus when reviewing conference and meeting rooms.

Assess the Capacity

 The next step is to see if it can physically accommodate all the people you want attending these meetings. Don’t just plan for the quorum – plan for a full house. You don’t want people to be forced to sit on the carpet or stand against the wall at a 1 hour meeting – more so for longer sessions.

Assess the Privacy

 Finally, if you’re going to be discussing company-confidential matters, are the security features suited to your needs? What kind of firewalling do they provide? Do they already have encryption so I can transfer data safely during a meeting if I need to? Is the room an enclosed area or will I be sharing with others? These questions will help you assess the privacy level you need against what is being provided.

Assess the Need

 Although this is something you should be doing in the very beginning, it can also be reviewed at the end. Once you have all the other details about the infrastructure, capacity, privacy, etc. you are in a better position to see whether this is what you actually need. For example, ask yourself if the meeting can be done for cheaper at another location. You can also ask yourself if an email wouldn’t serve the same purpose as hiring an expensive conference facility.

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September 18th, 2013

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