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In the age of e-commerce and virtually working in the cloud, many businesses have forgotten the importance of location. For some industries, the brick and mortar executive office rental might not be as important, i.e. information technology businesses that would benefit from a virtual office accompaniment. Many other businesses may survive or fold based on locality.

Throughout history, corporate American offices have been places that have encouraged open communication and community. The physical office is automatic PR and marketing for entrepreneurs trying to catch the eye of new clients or standout in a new city. Effortlessly, the office space encourages a certain sense of dedication to the cause of a new business. Entrepreneurship should be based on giving it 100 percent to make your business successful and not cutting corners to reach monetary goals quickly. An office proves to the other businesses and competitors that you want to be a permanent fixture. You know your brand presence will benefit from having your business located in a safe neighborhood. Research the housing costs, crime rate and reach out to the municipal leaders. Building brand awareness and recognition means more than making a sale. Sales will come when you are in alignment with the core values of your business and being genuine. Make sure that good public transport is accessible. You want your employees to enjoy coming to their work community. Having a good location is essential in more ways than one.

Fort Myers, Florida is an ideal location for the excited entrepreneur and expanding business. There is an inspiring list of opportunities for support and success. Check out the new interactive business map that includes many local businesses in Fort Myers by category. Get a feel for the small business community in Fort Myers by attending a networking or business social night in the area. Link? Connect with other small business owners in Fort Myers by reaching out to them on LinkedIn and following their business Facebook pages. Premier Executive Center is designed to provide prestigious surroundings, where the client can be proud to host their clients and customers. The complimentary morning continental breakfast is designed as much to provide a meeting place and opportunity to network as it is to provide nourishment for the day ahead. In essence, Premier Executive Center is marketing all of our clients’ services as part of a business community in miniature.

The image projected by the location and look of your office rental is easily overlooked; but is no question important to your business. For example, clients might be a bit hesitant of a financial adviser whose office is in a remote location like a countryside cabin. If establishing a strong brand is key for your business, choosing executive office space that aligns with your desired company image will be crucial for your reputation and brand awareness.
The general style of your office is important if clients meet you there. Too ritzy and they might think they’re overpaying you; too bare and they might consider you unprofessional. The main key to making a good office choice is thinking carefully about all the particular needs of your business, and how well the office space serves them.

August 10th, 2017

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