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It’s amazing the value a personable experience can hold. Remember the last time the grocery store clerk or waitress remembered your name or favorite drink? It’s a great feeling and has a positive impact on the way you view that establishment. This applies to a business as well. If you remember a specific detail about a client or customer, they will appreciate your attention and thus building a positive rapport begins.

First impressions are very important of course, but a second meeting can make or break a relationship. Building relationships in business is vital. This applies to colleagues and customers. Here are some small ways that you can help yourself become a trusted partner to those who are interested in your business.

Treat Them as an Individual – No person behaves in the exact same way, so do not treat them as such. If you know a client enjoys joking around, laugh with them. The one client who likes to get down to business right away means you bear down and skip the small talk. Customers appreciate it when the business owner they interact with has a receptive approach when handling them. It provides comfort and makes them feel in control of the situation.

Cooperate For Confidence – The cardinal rule is treating people the way you want to be treated. When shown respect, the majority of people will reciprocate the same respect you have afforded them. This is vital in order to have a good relationship with your customers or clients. Showing respect for the business community, including your competitors is a must. The little actions you preform each day will be remembered. Go above a beyond! You will be seen as a genuine leader.

Foundation of Trust – Follow through on your promises. If you do what you say you are going to do for people, they will know that they can trust you to come through on each and every promise. However, do not over promise and dig yourself into a hole you cannot get out of. No matter how well intentioned your promises may be.

Additionally, take an interest in their personal lives. Do not pry for information, but if they are willing to discuss something in their life then by all means discuss. Remember to remember these details too in case you see them again!

Whether meeting your clients and colleagues at Premier Executive Centre in Naples or Fort Myers, build a good rapport with them. Don’t forget to start building a rapport with us too! Book a tour to see private executive offices and conference meeting rooms today.

September 13th, 2017

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