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Special Offer

The Premier Executive Center client benefits directly from his relationship with us. Our physical plant is designed to provide prestigious surroundings, where the client can be proud to host his customers. The complimentary morning continental breakfast is designed as much to provide a meeting place and opportunity to network as it is to provide nourishment for the day ahead. In essence, we are marketing all of our clients’ services as part of a business community in miniature.

The client benefits immediately from the cost savings achieved by not having to make initial capital investments in furniture and office equipment such as copiers and fax machines. In addition, by utilizing the telephone answering and secretarial services provided by Premier, the client avoids the requirements of full-time employees including salary, payroll taxes, health and other benefits.

Because Premier’s services are provided on an a la carte basis, each client can design his own package, customizing Premier’s product to his own needs and budget.